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As you may have heard, your body requires 102 minerals and vitamins. To ensure we get everything our body needs to function effectively, to ensure our bodies are healthy, to ensure that we can fight off diseases and sicknesses, and to ensure that we are able to maintain a healthy immune system, we need to ensure we give our bodies all the vitamins and minerals it needs.

To achieve this, we eat a variety of foods and drinks. Getting these essential foods are expensive, and sometimes, we just do not have the time to buy all the food we need, and still prepare it. We all know that life can get rather hectic. So, in essence, it is a tough job trying to give our bodies everything it needs.

Well, we have an answer, you can now get 92 of these essential vitamins and minerals by taking sea moss. Yes, you get more than 90% of ALL the essential vitamins and minerals you body needs in one single dose of sea moss.

So you might be asking, “what exactly is sea moss?”


Sea moss (Chondrus crispus) is a spiny sea vegetable and is a type of seaweed. It comes in a variety of colours, such as green, yellow, red, brown, and purple.

Lets deep dive into why it is so good for our health.

Some of the 92 minerals found in sea moss, includes:

vitamins that are found in Seamoss

Sea moss also contains a surprising number of vitamins.

In fact, it contains all of the essential vitamins, 12 of them in significant amounts, and others in trace amounts. These include: